Vanessa Lindsay-Botten is an award-winning singer with a passion for guiding others in finding, remembering, and expressing the birthright of voice.


Vanessa completed her BA Honours in Sociology & Applied Voice (University of Guelph), the Course Work for a Masters Program in Ethnomusicology (York University, A.B.D.), and the Community Choir Leadership Training program in Victoria, BC. She's had the pleasure of working with incredible singing teachers with diverse styles and repertoire. She also holds her White & Blue teaching belts for The NIA Technique, a practice combining dance, martial arts, and mindfulness. 

Vanessa's recent live appearances include closing for Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love & Big Magic) and as the special guest musician for Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard (The Language of Spirit)- both special events took place in Halifax, NS.

She has moved thousands of people to open their hearts and voices through the uplifting power of song!

She is the proud founder of You Gotta Sing! Chorus, a non-auditioned community choir expanding from 19 members in 2011 to a community of 1000 members over the span of 9 years! 

Sing with Vanessa here.

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Bring your whole voice into the world

and unfold into who you are BECOMING!


"Vanessa is a very gifted guide and healer with tremendous skill and compassion. Whether you are a writer, painter, parent, teacher or public speaker, there is no more perfect guide than Vanessa to help your true voice find its way back home."

Amy Stewart

Vanessa brought such confidence out in me to sing! Everyone expressed the fun we shared. She allowed us a freedom to sing that is not often experienced. The freedom to try it all and not be labelled or stuck in one place!!

We were able to do our best

without thinking about what our bodies were doing. 

Her positive attitude and encouragement skills are life giving. 

– Workshop Singer

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