"Vanessa and her harp bring joy and solace right to your very doorstep! Her musical selections are beautifully varied, from traditional to contemporary, and she invites listeners to add their own voices to the music. We so enjoyed having Vanessa perform in our backyard, with birdsong and leaf rustling accompaniment-- the harp is an ancient instrument and hearing it and her beautiful voice outdoors in a natural setting brought a magical and timeless quality to our evening.

Thank you, Vanessa!"

Elizabeth Peirce

Dear friends,


I've had the sweetest, dreamy idea come to me!


I would love to bring my harp and voice to you and share some gorgeous music with you and a few of your friends this summer! I'd be delighted to provide harp and song for a listening party, background music, or we could have a little sing in your outdoor space! So many creative possibilities...


(Currently, NS Health is recommending 12 feet distance between performer and audience.) 


I'd love to connect with YOU around a possible date & time in June-August 2021 for a musical visit! 



Suggested donation ** $100 - $150 ** 


with happy heart strings,


"I want to let you know how wonderful it was to have Vanessa play and sing on my patio yesterday. She took requests ahead of time, answered harp questions, and generally soared with the local songbirds! What joy she gave our audience of four! Such a great idea to book a travelling singer and harpist at this time."

Bettyann Power

"When you experience something breathtaking, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start to put it into words, but I need to try and share.
I experienced, with three lovely friends, a Harp and Song session with Vanessa. Picture this - a beautiful summer afternoon, the strumming of the Celtic harp, Vanessa’s voice (No wonder folks imagine angels playing harps!), a gentle rustle of leaves, and happy birds who could not believe their luck to have someone join them in song. I’m not sure what our humming added to the mix, but it was unavoidable, happy and heartfelt! I really liked the personal touch. Why just have this type of thing for weddings, or fancy gatherings? We all deserve pampering.

Carol Denyar MacDonald

"Vanessa's music is beautiful, as is her voice. She definitely enhanced the atmosphere at the show. 

We will keep Vanessa in mind for future events!" 

Anne Belliveau

St. Margaret's Bay Community Enterprise Centre

Peggy's Cove Festival of the Arts, Member's Art Show, 2020

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Vanessa brought such confidence out in me to sing! Everyone expressed the fun we shared. She allowed us a freedom to sing that is not often experienced.

The freedom to try it all and not be labelled or stuck in one place!!

We were able to do our best without thinking about what our bodies were doing. 

Her positive attitude and encouragement skills are life giving. 

~ Singer in workshop

"Just had to say a huge thank you for the amazing experience! You have such a wonderful way of teaching that it all seems to happen effortlessly. Amazing! Loved it, loved it!

I'm still on a high!”

~ Flo

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