One-on-One Sessions

75 minutes   ~   $125

NEW spaces available for my One-on-One voice bubble - offered in person (following all covid safety protocols) & virtually - 

through November, December, and into 2021

All voices welcome!

In working with Vanessa, you will:


  • Learn how to care for your voice and prime your voice for ease in communication. Learn to take care of your instrument so it can show up for you and support you in being fully YOU in the world.


  • Learn tried and true techniques to help you sing effectively. By toning, humming, working with your breath, melody, rhythm, language, and emotional expression, you’ll develop the confidence and ability to play in the world with greater resonance and confidence.  


Singing is a skill that we all can develop and improve.

Fear and criticism can shut down freedom in your voice.

You deserve a safe space to grow new skills & play.


  • Drop habitual patterns that box you in to habits and “acceptable” vocal patterns that limit your full expression. By sounding more freely, you will expand outside of your limiting beliefs and access more energy, joy, pleasure, and fun!

  • Connect with yourself, your inner voice, your inner guidance and sensation, and amplify your deepest longings, your creativity, and your inspired purpose in the world.


  • Discover the inherent worth and beauty of your voice. Your voice is enough. Your have all you need. 


  • Explore the amazing DESIGN of your voice. You were made to sing, to sound, to stretch to your voice to its fullest use. Your voice anatomy & physiology supports an expansive range of vibration, timbre, dynamics, and we'll play with moving beyond your perceived limits.


  • Reap significant health benefits. Whether you're a new or experienced singer, singing releases endorphins and can reduce stress; singing releases more oxygen into the blood for better circulation; and singing can reduce anxiety by bringing you into the “all is well” parasympathetic nervous system.​

Singing with our whole voice, our whole body, and our whole self brings transformation and waves of positive change to our inner and outer worlds.


"Vanessa is a very gifted guide and healer with tremendous skill and compassion. Whether you are a writer, painter, parent, teacher or public speaker, there is no more perfect guide than Vanessa to help your true voice find its way back home."

Amy Stewart

"Vanessa's One-on-One Voice Coaching is amazing! She knows just what buttons to push to challenge me to do things that I didn't think I could do, at just the right pace, so I gain confidence that I can do them.

Vanessa is so insightful, and encouraging!"

Beth Wilson

  • Instagram

Vanessa brought such confidence out in me to sing! Everyone expressed the fun we shared. She allowed us a freedom to sing that is not often experienced.

The freedom to try it all and not be labelled or stuck in one place!!

We were able to do our best without thinking about what our bodies were doing. 

Her positive attitude and encouragement skills are life giving. 

~ Singer in workshop

"Just had to say a huge thank you for the amazing experience! You have such a wonderful way of teaching that it all seems to happen effortlessly. Amazing! Loved it, loved it!

I'm still on a high!”

~ Flo

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