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The Imaginal Voice

Updated: May 3

THE Imaginal Voice

This is my story, of listening to my inner imperative: the voice of my body sounding out and trusting the process of becoming. This may be your story, too...

The imaginal cells of a butterfly are contained within the caterpillar. The caterpillar completely dissolves inside the chrysalis, leaving the imaginal cells to join and create this new being: the butterfly. Your voice expresses the seeds of who you are becoming. Your imaginal voice is within you and you are allowed to sing and change, whole and free.

Like the butterfly, you have all you need.

When I share more of my voice, I'm surprised by my own capacity for joy.

Sounding and singing bring me to the door of myself, where I can be

all the way beautiful, seen, and heard.

My life's calling shines through the

v o i c e.

Every song I choose to sing, to lead, to share helps me to heal,

and invites us all to connect with our own wholeness.

I am changing.

Birds are flying from my throat. A million wings releasing.

And I am becoming.

A few years ago, I made a decision to stop hiding my pain, to bring my wellbeing into the centre of my life,

and Vanessa Papillon was born as a container for my work in the world.

Two names, two wings of a butterfly with healing at the centre.

(Vanessa and Papillon both mean butterfly, in Greek and French)

My imaginal cells were in me all along, gently encouraging me to become all that I am meant to be in this world.

I am here for you, too. For your voice, your wholeness, your becoming

all the way beautiful, seen, and heard.

Thank you for sounding your voice with me,


~ Vanessa

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