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Balance (and a Bonus poem)

Updated: Nov 23, 2020


Home grandmother

aching beauty


minor chord


strings descending ascending

meandering down the path of



commitment to the heart

welcome home you

this is the meadow


I look back and see only sunlight

like the pain is in flames

that only burn in beauty

I see it

behind me and only spurring me on

embracing heat at my back

saying, "Fly"

and ahead?




so wide and

free-wheeling in colour

and here are the waves

again and again

and I'm surfing them

my heart skimming

the rushing water


There Is No Door

inhale deep in the belly

open the throat

head back

exposed and safe and


as we exhale


tongue out

mouth wide

warrior space

God is rushing out

you cannot enter here

there is no room for intruders

there is no door

there is no need of a door

I am the gate holder

I am.

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Vanessa brought such confidence out in me to sing! Everyone expressed the fun we shared. She allowed us a freedom to sing that is not often experienced.

The freedom to try it all and not be labelled or stuck in one place!!

We were able to do our best without thinking about what our bodies were doing. 

Her positive attitude and encouragement skills are life giving. 

~ Singer in workshop

"Just had to say a huge thank you for the amazing experience! You have such a wonderful way of teaching that it all seems to happen effortlessly. Amazing! Loved it, loved it!

I'm still on a high!”

~ Flo

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