Frequently Asked Questions:

I notice you have 3 different rehearsal locations each week. Can I sing more than once a week?

Great question! When you register and pay for your preferred rehearsal location, you're welcome to sing once a week at that venue.

Flexible Choir Schedule:

If you need to miss a rehearsal or wish to attend a different location sometimes, you're welcome to make up the rehearsal at another venue anytime during the season. You can switch up your locations to suit your schedule. This also means that if you miss a week, you can sing twice another week during the season to make up the missed rehearsal. A choir with flexibility!

I'm not in a position to pay for choir at this time.  Is the YGS bursary an option for me?

Sure thing! The YGS bursary can cover the full fee for you. There is an unlimited number of bursaries available for those in need. You can request the bursary, confidentially, from session to session. Contact Vanessa to access this option. We also always offer a sliding scale - pay what you can - option for registration or drop-in.


Is it alright if I drop in to a rehearsal?

Drop-ins are always welcome!

The drop-in fee is $15 or pay what you can. Please respect our scent-free singing space.

Our YGS Open Sing Celebrations and Open Sing Library gatherings welcome all voices and are a joyful way to experience the choir! See our Event Page for more details.

I've never sung with a choir, but I love to sing ... is it true anyone can join? Is this something I can do?

Yes, anyone can join the chorus. You do not need to know how to read sheet music or have any other singing experience. YGS provides a safe, non-judgmental space for you to find your voice. If you love to sing, you're in!

Do you offer accessible gathering spaces for those with mobility concerns?

Yes. We choose venues that are as barrier-free as possible. If you have a specific concern about accessibility, please contact Vanessa.


I notice that many of your gatherings take place in churches. Is YGS affiliated with any organized 


You Gotta Sing! Chorus is not affiliated with any particular religious or spiritual path. We believe that “singing is our birthright” and by singing together, we create positive vibrations that contribute to a more harmonious world for all. YGS embraces sacred and secular songs from a variety of traditions and sources. Church spaces often have wonderful acoustics, availability for large groups to gather regularly, and are often supportive and encouraging of community initiatives that make a positive difference in our world!


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